The Almshouse

DAH_0408.jpg The present Almshouse building, Edward Alleyn House, is on the east side of the Chapel facing Dulwich Park, on College Road in Dulwich SE21. This is in the Borough of Southwark.

The building was constructed in 1739 (on the site of an earlier building) and enlarged in 1886. It is a Grade II listed building.

The accommodation is 16 flats arranged around 4 stairwells. A chair lift has been fitted in 3 of the stairwells. They are 14, 1 bedroom flats and 2 bedsits. The 2 bedsits have, for some years, been too small to be occupied by an Almshouse resident. The ground floor bedsit now has many uses. It is the office for the warden, a guest room for guests visiting the residents, as well as an informal space where the residents can meet.

There are 3 steps leading to the front door, so unfortunately none of the flats are accessible for people who are in wheelchairs or have other significant mobility issues.

This is warden assisted accommodation and not a care or nursing home. Prospective residents should be able to look after themselves but inevitably, with the passage of time and increasing frailty, some residents need the support of local authority care packages. The Charity continues to offer a contribution towards home help service, a wheelchair and wheelchair pushing service.

Residents pay a weekly maintenance contribution which is related to the “fair rent”, and a share of the cost of the services provided by the Charity. This maintenance contribution qualifies for Housing and Social Security Benefit.