The Trustees' duties remain unchanged in principle from those set down by Edward Alleyn - to relieve beneficiaries in case of need, hardship or distress by the provision and maintenance of the almshouses and otherwise as they think fit.

Trustees serve for an initial term of five years. Under the Charity's Scheme, they may be re-appointed for a second, continuous, term of five years. Where, exceptionally, at least two thirds of the remainder of the Trustees resolve that a particular Trustee should be appointed for a third consecutive term, this period shall not exceed five years.

The full Board meets formally four times a year and committees of Trustees (including that for the Appointment of Residents) meet on an ad hoc basis. Trustees, individually, visit residents and meet with the Warden throughout the year. New Trustees are introduced to the operation of The Dulwich Almshouse Charity and are made aware of the Charity's objects.

The Trustees of the Almshouse Charity are with effect from 1 August 2017:

Name: Appointing body:
K B Coonan, QC The Bishopsgate Foundation
Mrs P A Cox, LLB Camberwell Consolidated Charities
M C Craddock, MSc, BSc (Hons) St Luke’s Parochial Trust
Mrs C Jeffrey, MA MA The Dulwich Estate
Ms C Linnane, BA(Hons) London Borough of Southwark
Mrs C P Waugh, BSc RGN RHV (Chairman) The Dulwich Estate