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Recording Star

On a very warm and sunny afternoon in July, Carol Calver and Catrin Waugh went to Dulwich College to record a short piece on the Almshouse. Dulwich College is recording a number of pod casts which relate to different aspects of the Foundation over the past 400 years.

Sitting in the shade of the Cloisters a brief history of the Almshouse was told and Carol talked a little about being a resident of the Almshouse in the 21st Century, the recording had to stop as the clock chimed 3 and flights went over head, but with the good humour and patience of Harold Maxfield and the organizational skills of the Archivist, Calista Lucy, the recording was soon completed.

If Carol was nervous she certainly didn't show it. Clearly still learning new tricks at the age of 100. Look out for a link to the pod cast in the next few months.