News Story

Mid-Summer Delights

Three local schools kindly invited the residents to attend some of their end of school-year concerts in June.

At Alleyns School on a warm summer evening a wonderful concert of jazz music was enjoyed. We were entertained by the Delta Saxophone Quartet to a musical gallop over their 40 years of professional jazz playing. Nevertheless, the stars of the evening for the residents were the virtuoso musicians who attend Alleyns School. Some of the instruments were almost as large as the young people playing them!

This was followed the next week by a fantastic performance of CATS at James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS) by amazingly talented young people.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of the audience on both occasions, and we are very appreciative of the staff at both schools who made this possible.

Finally, on beautifully sunny Friday evening the residents needed to go no further than the Chapel of Gods Gift to attend the Annual Commemoration Service of the Central Foundation Schools of London. It was a special service, followed by wonderful refreshments served in the cloisters and gardens in front of the almshouse. It was a great end to the week.

We are sure Edward Alleyn would be delighted that after 400 years his generous benefaction still supports the education of young people and provides homes for older people; and that they both remain part of the same supportive community.