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Elsie Taylor Memorial Service 18th November 2016

On Friday afternoon 18th November a memorial service was held to celebrate the life of Elsie Taylor. The service was held in Christ's Chapel which is situated next door to the Almshouse.
Elsie had been a resident of the Dulwich Almshouse for 25 years from 1991 until earlier this summer.  The residents supported by the Shelley Miles the Warden and the Foundation Chaplain, the Rev John Watson, had agreed the contents of the service. They had jointly written the tribute which was read by Mr Nigel Fletcher, a former Chair of Trustees.

One of the residents read a poem written by another former resident, Claire Walsh. See below..
The Almshouse residents were joined at the service by local outreach beneficiaries, Trustees past and present, members of the Dulwich Estate staff, her domiciliary hairdresser, a very close friend of Elsies and a member of the United Reform Church which Elsie had previously attended.
Dr William McVicker provided wonderful musical accompaniment on the organ.
It was a very moving and fitting tribute to Elsie who was a remarkable lady.
The service was followed by light refreshment in the Chapel Vestry.
None of this would have been possible without the efforts of the Almshouse Warden and relief Warden and the  generous assistance and support of the Christ Chapel warden and her team

Friend of Mine

This migrant bird has taken flight
passing lives and touching souls
body traces in the air
laughter lingers in my hair
robins...frozen ponds...and cold
never own and never hold

year of birth and death and life
gentle touch and fragile breath
crystallising in the air
frost to mist melts azure skies
small is beautiful and wise

touch the the strange
pick a thistle...feel the pain
welcome fear...allow the change
mark the moment...cherish it

may I keep you in my mind
free and without sense of loss
may the sun within you shine
go well...
stay well...

friend of mine

By Clare Walsh

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