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Chi Kung Exercise Group

The College Ward Councillors gave the Almshouse a £500 grant from its Neighbourhood Fund for an activity for the residents.

The money is being spent providing the residents with a form of gentle exercise.
Chi Kung is a very gentle form of exercise, originating in China. The movements are very gentle and there are a precise set of movements which are believed to be invigorating and rejuvenating with the ability to heal chronic injuries and illnesses. The exercise also involves deep breathing and relaxation which are also considered to have beneficial effects on health and well being.

So for the last few weeks on a Wednesday morning some of the residents and some outreach beneficiaries, congregate at 10 am in the rather small meeting room and under the expert eye of Cathy Hudson they enjoy an hours exercise.

Those who come find the class very enjoyable and beneficial to them. Some get no other form of exercise and those that attend have noticed a difference in their movements and breathing. This is also a social hour for them, stopping for a chat after.

The group is currently being evaluated and the Trustees hope that the money can be found to continue even after the grant money has come to an end.

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