News Story

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

On the 20th December the residents, and outreach beneficiaries along with some of their carer's joined the Trustees and staff at the Annual Christmas Lunch.

For some years the lunch has been held in Old Library in Dulwich College. The residents were taken to and from Dulwich College in the new Ashton Edward Trust mini bus.

As we have all come to expect and enjoy, lunch was delicious. 2 young musicians, Christopher Stark (an Old Boy of Dulwich College) and Fra Rustumji entertained us with seasonal music on the piano and violin. This year after lunch the musicians provided the accompaniment to the singing of some Christmas carols which everybody including the waitering staff enjoyed. This will surely become a regular feature of Christmas lunch for years to come.

And the reference to the title of this news piece? Throughout the meal everyone sitting around the table had to try and match the phrase "a happy new year" written in 16 languages with the correct language!! How many will be remembered in 12 months time??

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