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400th Anniversary

2016 is a very special year for the Dulwich Almshouse. The first residents moved into the Almshouse in September 1616. We are therefore celebrating this landmark occasion in a number of ways.

We are publishing a written history of the charity for the first time. We have asked Brian Green, the eminent local historian to research and write up our fascinating 400 year history and create a vital legacy for the Dulwich community and London Borough of Southwark. The history will be published as a bound book, a short flyer, and available for free download online.

We are truly grateful to the London Borough of Southwark, and particularly the Councillors of the Dulwich Community Council for a grant from their Neighbourhoods Fund to pay for the publication, printing and distribution of this history.

In September 2016 we will be holding a special teaparty for our current residents, together with their friends and family. Afterwards we are hosting a formal evening reception and also launch the history book.

It is also a very special year for our almshouse residents, with four of them reaching their own quite remarkable landmarks. Two residents are celebrating their 90th birthdays while a further two who have been resident with us for 25 years, will reach 100 this year. A very happy birthday to them all.

We like to think that our founder Edward Alleyn would approve of life in the existing Almshouse and the way in which we are still carrying out his wishes to meet the needs of current poor brethren and sisters.

It is also in this 400th year that we hope to announce that we have successfully gained planning permission to build a replacement, modern and fit–for-purpose Almshouse to meet the expectations of older people living today and sustain Edward Alleyn’s legacy for a further four centuries. This would be the best celebration of all.

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