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100th Birthday Celebrations

On Sunday 20th March 2016, Caroline Calver, one of the Almshouse Residents reached the age of 100. This is the first time we have had a Resident reach a centenary and everyone was very excited.

Mrs Calver’s Daughter arranged for her to receive a Birthday card from the Queen. This also involves getting a card and letter from the then Minister state for Work and Pension, Mr Iain Duncan Smith. This was hand delivered on the 18th of March. The latter will have a historic interest as it must have been one of the last such cards he ever sent as he resigned that day.

Mrs Calver’s Daughter, Janice, arranged for Carol to have a party in the guest room with the other Almshouse Resident’s on the 18th. The Warden arranged the food and drink and Carol’s family came along before the party stated to help decorate the room.

The party started at 2pm and all the Residents attended. Mrs Waugh represented the Trustees. Mr Fletcher, the former Chair of Trustees who was the Trustee nominated by St Lukes, joined the celebration, he made a speech and proposed a toast to Carol. Carol formerly lived in the parish of St Lukes and she and Mr Fletcher were very fond of each other. Mr Craddock, the current Trustee nominated by St Lukes, also attended and brought a birthday cake made by the staff of St. Lukes which was delicious.

The Trustee’s bought Mrs Calver a lovely photo frame and had it engraved. The Residents bought Carol a trinket box which they also had engraved.

On Carol's actual Birthday which was Palm Sunday, the congregation and choir from the chapel, stood outside her flat and sang happy birthday to her. Later that day she had a Birthday party at the gallery for close friends and family. Another birthday cake was enjoyed and Carol had a lovely day surrounded by her family.

Carol had a wonderful weekend and although she was tired really enjoyed the celebrations.